Interchange – Fall 2009

We have adapted well to the change in time for Meeting for Worship that began July 5th. As committee meetings and other activities resume in the fall, we will need to make further adjustments. Hopefully, all will run smoothly. The First Day School had a very successful overnight camping experience at the Schmaljohn’s home on August 29-30. The children met for worship just like the adults at the Meeting.

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Spiritual State of the Meeting – 2008

“When you are met together in the light, listen to it so that you may sense the power of God in every one of you. In doing this you will find your ear being tuned to hear the counsel of the Lord God, and your eye being opened to see the Lord Jesus Christ among you”. (George Fox).

Gunpowder Friends gathered in worship sharing to reflect on queries that helped us to discern the Spiritual State of our Meeting. Each member of our Ministry and Counsel committee then gathered the voices on a single topic into a paragraph. The multiplicity of voices in our report is, therefore, by design: we sought to reflect the rich mosaic of voices that represent the breadth of our experience of community and the depth of our listening to the living Presence in our midst.

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Interchange – Spring 2009

The proposal to change the starting time of Meeting for Worship from 11:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. will be brought forward again at our Meeting for Worship with a Concern for Business at our April meeting for final approval. The proposal is for this change to take effect beginning in July, 2009. There is wide-spread support for this proposed change. To confirm our decision you may call the Gunpowder Meeting telephone number: 410-472-4583.

We had the pleasure and honor to host 20 Buddhists monks, nuns and fellow hikers who were marching from the Peace Pagoda in Leveritt, MA to Washington D.C. They were marching to protest against nuclear armaments and nuclear power and for peace and social justice, and to further the idea of the renunciation all armaments and military might that is a part of the Constitution of Japan.

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